Sunday, July 23, 2006

Avoid Business Opportunity Burnout

Are you anxious to start earning your own income with a great business opportunity? With all the excitement about the ease of creating great income from home and online businesses, you can easily get caught up in a tangled web of half-understood business plans, wallet-fatigue from investments and an email box that is bulging with follow up materials.

If this has happened to you, than you will not be finding yourself building a business, you will only find yourself confused, disappointed and ready to throw in the towel (as well as cancel your Visa!)

The truth is there ARE great opportunities out there. Unfortunately, to work any of them requires you to develop an understanding not only of the service or product you choose to promote, but you have to learn how to market your business, whether online or in the real world.

Finding Purpose in Your Business

Now, you may have to dig several holes to find a treasure, and too, you may have to examine several business ideas to find one that works for you. But focus first on investigation, rather than action.

After requesting information on 4 to 10 businesses that appeal to you (remember, you haven't joined anything, you're just looking), sit back and decide which opportunities offer the most comprehensive package. If you're new to the home business world, you have a huge learning curve ahead of you. It makes sense that you'll do much better with a company that will provide you support, guidance and training in one package.

Be ready to make a defense for your choice. You may not be called upon by family or friends to defend it, but confidence in your decision will help you to keep focused and not second-guess your decision every time another offer pops up. This will be YOUR business. Be certain it relates to you in a positive manner and that you can work with it long term.

Create Goals

No business will grow without a plan to grow it. If you have a supportive company, read their materials. Follow their advice. It is in their best interest to provide you with a game plan that brings in sales or clients. Don't take their valuable knowledge for granted.

As you manage to cover the basic marketing or promoting techniques, you may find yourself once again getting bogged down with offers to assist you with your efforts. Software, agents, programs, all requiring investment and another learning curve to perfect.

By all means, if the company you are working with recommends them than give it a shot. It is not worth your time to sit on the sidelines if perfectly good recommendations are being handed to you.

But at the same time, recognize the need to focus on your business. Learn the programs well, otherwise you will end up with ineffective marketing, and money out the window because you have not used the efforts of promotion wisely. Possibly you are not even aware if the money you spent is actually doing anything for your business or not.

Have Patience

Good opportunities take time to mature into healthy businesses. That may not be how they are presented, but in truth, even those who are successful are there because they outlasted many others who gave up too soon.

When you feel you have a grip on all that's involved, go back and review or investigate the business again. Those who are successful KNOW their business. It will also involve you at a greater level as your dedication to your business deepens.

Be Passionate

In the long run, you will have the fortitude to develop your business when you develop your passion for it. You will increase in knowledge and be able to apply your passion to related opportunities which will allow you to diversify your business in a way that will contribute to its longevity.

Look forward to building your business, keep focused and you will be certain to attain your goals!

Shannon and her husband, Cyprian Emmanuel help individuals develop profitable home businesses through their website and newsletter at

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