Sunday, March 11, 2007

Managing Your Time

When I present my project and time management class to individuals enrolled in Global Mentors International, I include some of the following items that are considered classic time wasters.

Learn to say "No" - Keep away from commitments that force you to spend time on low priority items. Be prepared to say, "I can't do this now."

Banish low priority items unless you have completed all higher priority items for the day. The definition of low priority items is "they can wait."

Build time into your schedule for interruptions, unforeseen problems, unscheduled events and such. You can avoid rushing by making reasonable time estimates for activities, then adding on a little extra time for the inevitable crises.

Set aside several periods each day for quiet time. Arrange to be interrupted only in an emergency. Focus on deep relaxation using any techniques you find useful.

As a core trainer for Global Mentors International, I can tell you that time management skills are learned and will take practice.

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