Saturday, October 14, 2006

Make Money Online Using eBay

Describing eBay as a commerce website is like saying Elvis was a singer. The 11-year-old company that began as a virtual flea market has become an international phenomenon.

Many people using eBay’s services are making money online. While the auction service is eBay’s signature sales venue, it is only a fraction of the revenue opportunities available to marketers or business internet start-up opportunities. Publishers are leveraging the site’s considerable traffic to complement or as a portal to their own websites.

The same strategies used to attract consumers on the greater Web, including search marketing, optimization and email advertising, can be used to capture traffic within the eBay universe.

Maintaining an eBay Store not only provides the possibility of selling items for fixed prices, it also enables work at home sellers to advertise to eBay’s massive audience. Most internet business startups have a small advertising budget. By utilizing eBay’s services, work at home business owners can market to millions of users.

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