Sunday, February 25, 2007

Are You Distracted In Your Home Based Business?

There are going to be a million things in your home environment that will distract you when you are working on your home based business; especially if the business activity that needs to be completed is particularly unsavory for one reason or another.

Computer games, hunger, the dog, the cat, kids, spouses, and various other forms of procrastination are all things that can easily be distracting to you when you work from home.

Global Mentors International is an organization that has established Internet training classes to help the home based business owner stay focused.

Some of the training courses offered by Global Mentors International include:

  • Effective Email marketing
  • Outlook and POP3 accounts
  • Project and Time Management
  • Website Promotion
  • No Cost Prospecting
  • Plus many more
In order to be successful in your home based business, you must stay focused. For more information on how you can access the courses presented by Global Mentors International, contact Jayme Hanson at

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