Sunday, February 04, 2007

Home-Based Internet Business

Starting a home-based Internet business is a viable option for individuals who want to earn a residual income while working in the corporate world. The traditional nine to five work force has discovered that a corporate retirement is not the only option when they are planning for their future financial stability.

While starting a home-based Internet business might sound easy, just the opposite can be true. Starting and operating a business, whether it is Internet based or a more traditional brick and mortar type requires a working knowledge of business basics and creative marketing techniques.

Training for home business owners on these techniques can be expensive, if the courses are even available. Global Mentors International, founded in 2006 by Mr. David Barnard, offers Internet marketing training to the home-based business owner. Mr. Barnard realized the need for online training specially targeted at Internet marketers and developed a training curriculum that feels that need.

The trainers for Global Mentors International are experts in their fields. The training courses that have been developed to assist the home-based Internet business owner in succeeding are considered world class. This exceptional training is provided at no cost to all of Global Mentors International members.

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