Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ideas for Managing Your Time

There are all types of activities that will need to be performed when you start a home based Internet business. Following are some ideas for managing your time more effectively.

1. Don't leave email just setting in your mailbox

Organize your email into folders. So if the email is a reference item, print it out. If it's a meeting, add it to your calendar. Think of your email as a piece of paper and everytime you touch or look at that item, you are not using your time effectively. Try to only touch the item once and then take action.

2. Multitasking can be bad

You will actually lose productivity when you are multitasking. It is better to perform and focus on one task at a time, if possible.

3. Do the most important task first

You will probably have a huge to-do list. Look at the list and decide which is the most important task and tackle that one first, then the second task and so on. After practicing this for awhile, you'll also discover that some items on your to-do list are not really benefitting your home based online business, so don't spend your time doing them.

4. Set a schedule to check your email

You don't need to answer or act on your email the minute it arrives in your inbox. Check your email a couple of times during the day and deal with it in groups of actions. Checking your email constantly prevents you from completely another more important task.

5. Organize website addresses

Create folders in your favorites and organize your websites. You'll spend less time searching for the website you want to visit.

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